March Meetup – Featuring talks from Paul Conway and Alan Preims

In Our March meetup, Paul Conway (Spookey Doorway, DoomCube) will give a short presentation on his takeaways from his companies application to the Creative Media Europe Fund.

This fund has very strict eligibility criteria. The current application deadline has now passed, but it’s not time to give up. Paul Conway will arm you with the knowledge he has gained about the process, so you can ensure your eligibility for the next round of funding applications, and take steps to strengthen your application.

Alan Priems, an entrepreneur and composer, will be giving a presentation on “Sonic Hooks”, his business project with the New Frontiers program. Alan will explain what Sonic Hooks is and how it is helping to solve a problem faced by game developers and videographers in sourcing high quality, unique music compositions for their projects.

We will be showcasing our local game developer game projects after the talks, and maybe get some pizza!

See you there!

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