2019 Meetup Schedule

Our meetings generally take place on the first Tuesday of the month, in the PorterShed, from 7pm-9pm.

  • 8th January, 2019 (second Tuesday in January)
  • 5th February, 2019
  • 12th March, 2019
  • 2nd April
  • 7th May (Menlo room)
  • 4th June
  • 2nd July
  • 6th August
  • 3rd September
  • 1st October (Menlo room) – Next Meetup
  • 4th November
  • 3rd December

The PorterShed has been kind enough to support our game dev community as a venue for our event since late 2017.

Jades, Obstacles and Pizza – Nov 2018

This evening’s meetup featured:

  • Jades – a game which Josh is working on using RPG Wizard, Josh’s pet project HTML5/JS game engine.
  • Obstacles – which Darren made at the last UL Gamejam.
  • welcoming a new member to the group, and
  • Woozza pizza!

During today’s meet up we played each others games and discussed a bunch of topics.

Obstacles - High Score table at the 1GAM Galway November 2018 meetup Josh playing some Jades Gad, Patrick and Josh at 1GAM Galway November 2018 meetup. Gad playing Obstacles, Patrick and Josh at 1GAM Galway November 2018 meetup. Gad, Patrick and Josh at 1GAM Galway November 2018 meetup.

Notably we chatted about game engines, recent game industry news surrounding the fan reaction to Activision Blizzard’s accouncement of Diablo Immortal, and what each of us are focusing on learning next.

We also talked a little about about health and well-being among developers, how to avoid neck and shoulder injuries from using computers for extended periods.

As an important aside, Gad clearly achieved the Obstacles top score for the night. Congrats!

See you again for the next meetup on Dec 4th.